What if you get hit by a bus?

At Savvy, one of our operational pillars is Resilience. Meaning, we design our business for interdependency. We depend on certain things to be successful but we're not totally dependent on any one thing.

And if we are, we have a contingency plan in place for your vacation rental.

How to Bulletproof Your Airbnb Property

Stoic philosophy offers a thought experiment in which you imagine doing something for the last time. It's a profound exercise with both personal and professional benefits.

We do this exercise at Savvy to bulletproof our business and make sure that your property is taken care of regardless of whether someone's out sick, on vacation, or resigns altogether.

After all, what kind of business would we be if only one person knew the recipe for success?

A vulnerable one, that’s what kind.

Our business is built around longevity. We want to last a long time which means we need to be resilient, actively seek out our blind spots, and make sure there are contingency plans for our contingency plans.

In a word: sustainable.

We want to have a sustainable business. The idea of sustainability helps guide our decision-making not only at the enterprise level but also on the front lines at your short-term rental property.

What about you?

Do you want to keep seeing the cash flow into your bank account month after month, year after year? If so, you need to ask yourself, "What if I get hit by a bus?" 

Building a Sustainable Vacation Rental Business

One exercise we do to test our sustainability is called the "hit by a bus theory." 

Basically, for every role in our organization, we ask a single question: What if he/she got hit by a bus tomorrow?

This question helps us think (and act) long term by envisioning someone’s absence.

If there's only one person that knows everything about your property, that person is doing a disservice not only to you but also to our entire team. With this kind of structure, everyone suffers.

So instead of building our systems and relying on one person's brain to hold the information we need, we offload everything about your property into what we call our 'second brain,' an information warehouse that stores everything anyone would need to know about how to successfully run your Airbnb. 

That said, you should be able to go to everyone on our team for answers. Not because they necessarily know all the answers but because they’re able to get them if needed.

This is just one of many ways we’ve designed our business to be sustainable, and why you can count on us to be around for the long haul.

Creating a resilient business means not only have a contingency plan for your vacation rental but also knowing who you can rely on to run with the proverbial torch. 

The relationship you have with the founders of the business is the same relationship you have with everyone else on our team—if you trust us with your home, you can trust them. 

Looking for Vacation Rental Management? 

Being a Savvy Owner means working smart, not hard. It means using the resources at your disposal with the utmost intelligence and efficiency. 

Partner with a trusted industry professional to make your vacation home dreams come true. With Savvy by your side, you can have your cake and eat it, too. 

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