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Savvy Vacation Rental Management (Savvy VRM) is a boutique vacation home rental agency

 known for its personal, professional, and profitable property management services.

About Savvy VRM

If you’re looking for a professional property management company that will help ease the burden of owning a vacation home, you’re in the right place!

Our full-service Airbnb management solution is built specifically for owners and investors who want to be removed from the day-to-day operations of their short-term rental property, but still be kept in the loop so they know their property isn’t getting wrecked by irresponsible renters.

When you partner with us, you get all the benefits of owning a vacation home without any of the headache, hence our “hands-free, hassle-free” guarantee.

We know what you want and we have what you need. After all, we own vacation rental properties ourselves, so we know what it’s like to be an owner. In fact, we started with just one property and have since grown to manage much, much more…


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Meet Our Founders


Serving the hospitality industry for more than 15 years, Michael has developed a deep understanding of the guest experience. He's worked across various industry segments in popular destinations such as Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV, including restaurants, hotels, casinos, events, and now, vacation rentals.


Mathew is an operations specialist from Wisconsin. He's a natural when it comes to managing long, complex projects. With a background in commercial real estate, construction, and development, Mathew's ability to navigate land use challenges, city regulations, and contractors is top-notch.

How We Started

From eager travelers to amateur hosts, and eventually starting a professional vacation home rental agency, our journey began long before Airbnb became a household name…

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Hotel Quality™

We booked our first AirBnB as a guest in 2014 and were immediately impressed at how seamless the experience was. In just a few swipes of a finger, we could book a vacation home for the night without dealing with the hassle of checking in at the front desk, swiping credit cards, signing waivers and all the other minutiae associated with the typical hotel experience.

“This is different,” we thought… “These guys are definitely onto something.”

So AirBnB became the first choice for our travel accommodations. But there was something missing: the quality and professionalism of a brand-name hotel.

We liked the room service, all the amenities, the “Dial 0” for Front Desk, and the assurance of knowing someone was there to wait on us hand and foot. Staying at an Airbnb didn’t offer these things. So we decided to turn the tables and give hosting a try. After all, we loved traveling, and we had a passion for hospitality. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

What started as an experiment quickly became a side-gig. We told our friends and family how much we were making from our “part-time hustle” and they asked if we could help them do the same…

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What it Means to Stay Savvy

In 2019, we started Savvy out of necessity because we wanted to give travelers like us the best of both worlds: the comfort and familiarity of our own home with the quality and conveniences of our favorite hotels.

The word “savvy” is rooted in one’s ability to know; to understand; to practice good judgment and act on experiential knowledge.

Those who are “tech-savvy” are proficient with technology; they know how to wield it in useful, productive ways.

The same sentiment applies to our property management services. We know how to turn your short-term rental property into a great source of passive income. We’re proficient both in real estate and hospitality, and vacation rentals live at the intersection of these two domains.

As we were traveling the world with our backpacks and briefcases, we started to see how the entire travel industry was transitioning, becoming faster, easier, and more affordable with the help of innovative technology.

The whole scene is reminiscent of the change we saw with smartphones. One day there were Blackberries with full keyboards; the next day there were iPhones with no buttons at all.

And then it dawned on us: if the travel and tourism industry was in the midst of a grand transformation, we were going to be right there riding the wave.

Here we are, years later, a small group of hospitality professionals helping people Stay Savvy through personal, professional, and profitable vacation rental management.

Looking For Professional Short-Term Rental Management Services?

Being a Savvy Owner means working smart, not hard. It means using the resources at your disposal with the utmost intelligence and efficiency.
Partner with a trusted industry professional to make your vacation home dreams come true. With Savvy by your side, you can have your cake and
eat it, too.

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One of the great things about being a smaller company is that we have a more personal connection with our owners and guests. There’s no robotic call-routing, no account reps or corporate hierarchies to navigate, just real people doing real work—and having lots of fun along the way! Whether you want us to manage your home, or you just want to stay at one, we’re here for you. Get in touch today and let know how we can help.

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