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Need help navigating the City of Palm Springs Land Use regulations?

Savvy Vacation Rental Management can help you understand zoning codes, permitting, and entitlements in the City of Palm Springs so you can turn your vision into a reality. 

No more jumping through regulatory hoops to get your project off the ground. With Savvy by your side, your new development has a much better chance of finding footing in the desert! 

Helping You with Palm Springs Land Use Regulations 

Here are some of the specific applications and process we help with:

  • Planned Development Districts (PDD)
  • Conditional Use Permits (CUP)
  • Variances
  • Minor Architectural Applications (MAA)
  • Mitigated Neg. Declarations under California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) 
  • ABC Liquor Licenses
  • Land Use Permits

If you've had a tough encounter with one or more of these, give us a call and we'll help you jump the hurdle. Having a local, connected partner on your team decreases the friction that usually comes up in the development process.

Partnering with Savvy VRM 

If you're reading this, you've probably already wasted a lot of time and money butting heads with some of the hurdles the city has in place for new developers. Hard work can help, but working smart is ultimately what will help get your project over the finish line (or at least off the starting block)! 

When you partner with Savvy for your new real estate development, we act as your personal liaison that handles all communication and procedures with the City of Palm Springs.

Basically, you give us your goals and paint the vision, then we go to work moving all the pieces on the proverbial chess board. This includes being involved with key project stakeholders, investors, and team members, for example architect(s) and engineer(s), graphic and interior designers, and the General Contractor.

We request, file, and process all documentation required for the project. Instead of dealing with paperwork and managing version control, we take the lead on making sure everything is submitted properly and on time. When needed, we also attend Public Hearings and serve as the project representative by speaking and answering questions from the Committees, Commissions, and Council.

Why Work with Savvy for your Palm Springs Land Use Needs? 

After a change in city leadership, the days of easy breezy project approvals are over. As city commissioners have stated:

"That’s really changed with the new council... we’ve been clearer about not approving everything, and thinking that the city is in a position where it can negotiate for the best possible project.”  

Zoning codes and permitting processes are not necessarily easy and straightforward, especially in the City of Palm Springs. If you want a real estate investment to be successful—be it residential, commercial, or otherwise—you'll need to follow a particular road map that favors the city's policies.

That road map starts with the project submittal. Getting that part right is the first step to success. To stay on track and get buy-in from various stakeholders and key decision makers, you'll need to understand where everyone stands on key issues of the city, from Commissioners to Committee Members and other city staff. 

Local Support Staff

Handyman Services in Palm Springs, CAOur team actually lives in Palm Springs, CA!

Known & Trusted

Savvy Is A Local, Trusted Community PartnerWith Savvy, you get friendly, professional service

Licensed & Insured

Savvy Is Professionally Certified to Operate in Palm Springs, CASavvy is fully licensed and insured in the State of California

While there are many more variables to consider when undertaking a new project in the city, these two pieces will get you started on the right foot.

Our team has been involved in Palm Springs real estate and development for years, helping bring a number of projects through the approval process and over the finish line to opening.

As investors ourselves, we have a deep understanding of financial planning and analysis, budget and timelines, project management, and the every-changing political climate of the City. 

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Our Network is Your Network

When you partner with Savvy, you'll save thousands of dollars (and a whole lot of time and headache) by avoiding common, easily-avoidable mistakes throughout the approval and permitting process. 

And once your project has some footing, you can take advantage of our local network of specialists including but not limited to: 

  • Architects
  • General or Trade-Specific Contractors 
  • Land Use Attorneys 
  • Traffic Engineering Firms
  • Acoustical Engineering Firm
  • Liquor Attorneys 
  • Design Teams
  • Graphics/Renders Teams
  • CEQA Consultants
  • News Outlets/PR Firms

In recent years, the City has encountered a lot of turmoil, fending off elected official’s indictments, several lawsuits and many land use issues including Short-Term Vacation rentals and more.

For a developer who's new to Palm Springs, there's a clear advantage to having someone on your side that knows the process, key decision makers, and the appropriate etiquette to navigate tricky entitlement approvals and more.

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Ready to Discuss Your Project? 

Entrepreneurs and investors have better ways to spend their time and focus than cold-calling vendors in a new market they don't know. Let Savvy help take the hard stuff off your plate so you can get back to what you do best!

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