7 Dog Friendly Palm Springs Activities You and Your Pup Can Enjoy Together

If you can’t imagine travelling without your pup, you will love how dog friendly Palm Springs is.

People travel with their pets for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you want to work remotely from a relaxing location for a month or two and need to bring your pup with you. Perhaps you’re moving and need somewhere for your whole family to stay for a few months (dogs included!) while you wait to move into your new house. Or maybe you just can’t imagine going on vacation without your furry best friend.

If you’re traveling to Palm Springs, CA, with your dog (for whatever reason)—you’re in luck! Palm Springs is one of the most pet-friendly destinations in the United States and offers tons of dog-friendly activities, restaurants, hotels, and fun things to do with your dog.

Dog Friendly Palm Springs Activities You’ll Love

Without further ado, here are the most pet-friendly Palm Springs activities to enjoy with your pooch during your upcoming trip to our desert oasis!

7. David H Ready Palm Springs Dog Park

Dog running in dog park

If your dog loves making friends with other pups, the Palm Springs Dog Park is one of the best dog-friendly things to do in Palm Springs, CA.

This fenced-in park is behind City Hall and features over 1.5 acres of rolling grass where your dog can romp and play. Plus, it’s separated into sections for big and small dogs, so if your pet gets nervous around larger dogs, this is an ideal place for them to hang out with pups their own size.

6. Hiking at Mission Creek Preserve

Woman hiking with dog

Mission Creek Preserve is just a short drive from Palm Springs, CA, and it’s a great spot to go hiking with your pup. It’s located between the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts, so you’ll be able to see a unique blend of plants, flowers, and landscapes from both of these deserts.

This easy trail is only 1.7 miles, but it’s still super scenic. You can see Mount San Gorgonio in the background and connect to the Pacific Crest Trail if you want to extend your hike. While it’s unlikely you’ll hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail since it stretches 2,600 miles from Mexico to Canada, it is a fun place for short dog walks with your pooch!

5. Get Coffee at 4 Paws Coffee Co.

Dog at coffee shop

4 Paws Coffee Co. is a pet lover’s dream. Not only does this coffee shop welcome dogs with a Pup Cup (a cup of whipped cream topped with a dog biscuit), but they also donate a percentage of their sales to help local animal shelters in Palm Springs, CA.

You can feel good about helping other animals in need while enjoying a latte with your pet. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

4. Drive on the Pines to Palms Highway

Dog sticking head out window of car

Hop in the car with your pet and head to the Palms to Pines Scenic Byway. It’s a great place to enjoy cooler weather and views of the Coachella Valley.

When you reach the scenic overlook, you can park your car and enjoy a snack or picnic lunch with your furry friend.

3. Grab a Bite at Boozehounds Palm Springs

Woman with beverage and dog on chair

If you’re searching for a restaurant that owners will love just as much as the dogs, look no further than Boozehounds.

This 7,000-square-foot pet-friendly restaurant and lounge features a dog-friendly atrium, cabana bar, and patio. They even have a food menu just for dogs with items safe for your dog to eat, like a Loaded Sweet Potato and “Teriyaki” Salmon Bowl.

Boozehounds serves dinner daily and weekend brunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They also have a cocktail menu and happy hour daily from 2 PM – 5 PM. Don’t miss this pet-friendly spot during your visit to Palm Springs—you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your pup!

2. Take a Day Trip to Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree park

Pets may not be allowed on the trails at Joshua Tree National Park, but that doesn’t mean you and your furry friend can’t drive out and stroll around this iconic desert attraction.

Pets must be leashed and stay within 100 feet of trails, roads, picnic areas, and campgrounds. Also, don’t forget to pick up after your dog and bring plenty of water to keep your pup cool—it gets hot in the desert!

1. Eat at Sherman’s Deli

Sherman's Deli in Palm Springs

Sherman’s Deli on 401 E Tahquitz Canyon Way is the perfect spot to enjoy lunch or dinner with your pet. This popular dining location is known for its generous portions, delicious food, and friendly service—to both guests of the human and dog variety.

This restaurant has a pet-friendly outdoor patio, and the staff provides water bowls to create a comfortable environment for both you and your dog.

Stay in a Palm Springs, CA, Vacation Rental with a Dog-Friendly Atmosphere

Even though there are several pet-friendly hotels in Palm Springs, it’s much better to stay in a roomy, pet-friendly vacation rental where you and your pup can cool down, stretch out, and relax after a long day of exploring Palm Springs, CA.

Whether you’re staying in Palm Springs for vacation or looking for a monthly rental with plenty of room for you and your pup for several weeks, we’ve got you covered. Savvy VRM offers short-term and long-term pet-friendly accommodations, so you and your dog feel right at home in Palm Springs. Many rentals even allow you to bring up to two pets for a small fee.

Browse our beautiful spacious, pet-friendly vacation rentals to find the perfect stay for you and your dog in Greater Palm Springs, CA!

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